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Brand New Puppets!
Featured in Change of Perspective

Ace in Your Face

Bashful Mathew

Elephant in the Room

Plasticine figures from

Martians and Martinis

Photo-Glalb 1 headshot.png
_Photo-Glalb ray gun front
Buddy front spacesuit.png

Princess Glalblulalbp puppet head with removable, wearable headpiece from Martians and Martinis

Kissin' Codfish.jpg

Gilda Finn, the Kissin' Cod Fish from

 Swingin' in St John's

Greenman and Grey.jpg

Greenman and Grey from

Martians and Martinis


Nigel - made as a commission

Jonathan P. Bowles.jpeg
Lou and Goldy.jpeg

Jonathan P. Bowles and Lou from

Regresstival - entertainment for your inner child

Chuck n' Knuckles.jpeg
The Bird.jpeg
Lady Middleton.jpeg

The Middle Finger Puppets -

Chuck n' Knuckles, the Bird and Lady Middleton from

Regresstival - entertainment for your inner child

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