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Photo-Honey headshot.png
Photo-Buddy spacesuit headshot.png
Photo-Starla headshot.png
Photo-Frankie headshot.png

Plasticine figures from

Martians and Martinis

Photo-Big Tony headshot.png
Greenman and Grey.jpg
Photo-Witness headshot.png
Photo-Stranger headshot.png
Photo-Glalb 1 headshot.png

Princess Glalblulalbp puppet head with removable, wearable headpiece from Martians and Martinis

Kissin' Codfish.jpg

Greenman and Grey from

Martians and Martinis


Nigel - made as a commission

Gilda Finn, the Kissin' Cod Fish from

 Swingin' in St John's

Jonathan P. Bowles.jpeg
Lou and Goldy.jpeg

Jonathan P. Bowles and Lou from

Regresstival - entertainment for your inner child

Chuck n' Knuckles.jpeg
The Bird.jpeg
Lady Middleton.jpeg

The Middle Finger Puppets -

Chuck n' Knuckles, the Bird and Lady Middleton from

Regresstival - entertainment for your inner child

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